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Application Form

Boston School of English will process the application once we have received the required fees and documents:

  • Enrollment Fee (non-refundable): $150
  • Tuition deposit Fee (non-refundable): $150. If an I-20 is needed an additional deposit of $350 is required (refundable if visa is denied).
  • Housing Placement Fee if you have requested Homestay or Apartment (non-refundable): $90
  • Express mail, only when and I-20 is required (non-refundable): $90
  • Copy of passport with passport number, expiration date, your name, and date of birth.
  • Health insurance is required for all students. Students must either purchase insurance through Boston School of English or provide proof of their own insurance coverage that is effective in the United States.
  • Total payment is due two weeks before classes start.

Provide Student's Information

Provide Student's Address

Select the English program you wish to study

Group Instruction Program

Private Instruction Program (One-to-One)

Children's Program (Ages 6 to 11)

Children's Program is available from Monday, June 15th through Friday, August 21st, 2020.

Select the Starting date

Students at an intermediate level or higher, may start any Monday. Students at a begginer level must start on a level start date.

Visa Information

Accommodation Options

BSML makes every effort to accommodate your preferences. Students should anticipate shared room accommodation during our high season.


Private Apartment

Executive Apartment

Optional Services

Airport Service

Activities Program

Availiable only during the summer.

Health Insurance

All BSML students are required to demonstrate valid insurance coverage on their first day of enrollment. Students who begin their programs without insurance will be directed to enroll in school insurance on their first day or to acquire other insurance by the end of the week. 

Local Contact Person

If you do not require housing through BSML, you must provide a local address. 

Contact at BSML


Refund Policy (click to open)

By submitting this application I acknowledge acceptance of the terms and conditions of the refund policy as stated in this application. I further acknowledge that I have been given adequate time to read and understand the terms and conditions stated in the refund policy and this application. I understand that BSML is not financially responsible for me and/or my dependents, and that I need a minimum of $2500 plus $500 for every dependent per month to cover tuition, housing, and living expenses.


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