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Halloween in Boston

halloween bsml english in boston

Marking the end of the fall and the start of winter is Halloween!

Many of us know this time of year as the time to dress up in costumes, carve pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, go apple picking, play pranks, visit haunted attractions, and go trick-or-treating, but did you know that Halloween was initially a time to celebrate abundance, and remember and honor the dead? While many argue that this began as a Christian celebration, it is believed that Halloween traditions actually originated from ancient Celtic harvest festivals, which had pagan roots. Back then, people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts!

Much of this tradition continues today, and Boston has places to experience this ancient practice as does no other place in the U.S. For instance, we have our own witch town, called Salem (known by the locals as the “Witch Capital”), rich with historic sites and events dating back to 1692 when the so-called Witch Hunting took place. Nowadays, it is a “must “ to visit on Halloween. This awesome little town is the hub of artistic costume showcasing, vibrant colorful decorations, lots of haunted attractions and museums, and warm and friendly people all around!

Aside from the adventures and out-of-this-world experiences in Salem, you can also take part in the many activities planned in the surrounding areas at this time of year. You can take the Ghosts and Gravestones Tour, which combines a tour of the historical sites of Boston, with costumed “gravedigger” guides to show you the “darker side” of the city of Boston. Take a stroll down to Boston Common Frog Pond to enjoy the Fall Pumpkin Float, a spectacular display of thousands of carved pumpkins, or choose from the many haunted events on Ghosts and Gravestones Boston Frighftseeing Tours.

There is nothing that says Halloween like dressing up in costumes, and here at BSML we make it a family affair for all staff, teachers, and students to get in the spirit of Halloween celebration! From costume shopping, to face painting to, to carving pumpkins, to creating our own haunted house, we all get to experience this fun-filled time of the year!


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