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Business English in Boston

business english

Boston is the perfect place to study business English and learn about the American business culture.

Boston remains a favorite student destination for its seemingly endless choice of extraordinary institutions of higher learning. It is also an extremely desirable place to study for its wealth of opportunities. Buoyed in part by these same colleges and universities, Boston is a hospitable and nurturing environment for pioneers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. In fact, it has been reasonably claimed that the financial industry was born here; currently, the city greatly benefits from unique public-private partnerships that produce highly competent and innovative human capital. Boston is, therefore, the perfect place to study business English and learn about the American business culture.

Students have the opportunity to attend the numerous public lectures at the universities in Boston and the neighboring city of Cambridge on a wide variety of topics that touch upon the theme of business. They can also attend the many free classes at the Kirstein Business Library & Innovation Center, which is housed in the Central Library. Equally, they can attend the monthly Café Nights at the Roxbury Innovation Center. At these events, students get the chance to hear about new developments in different industries and network with those that share similar goals. Students can also participate in the scheduled events at coworking spaces like WeWork and Workbar, which offer them the chance to socialize and learn!

The list of activities in which the students can participate does not, however, end there. For instance, they can also listen to these great podcasts: Business English Pod, TEDTalks Business, and HBR IdeaCast. In addition, students can use Linkedin to practice their English by creating a profile and posting their résumés on it. Further, they can use this site for online networking. So, opportunities to master business English are truly limitless!


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