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English Course in Boston

Boston School of English offers English courses in Boston USA with an exceptional methodology to learn more in less time. Begin your English course any Monday!

BSML, Your Path to Success!

  • Learn more in less time with our exceptional methodology.
  • Enjoy total learning immersion and flexibility.
  • Courses available year round.
  • Begin any Monday.
  • Choose your length of study.
  • Learn in comfort.
  • Group or individual instruction.

Methodology and Philosophy

All members of the Boston School of English staff, whether administrators or instructors, believe that second language acquisition is a holistic experience. We understand that students learn best in a classroom environment that enables them to learn the rules of the language in a conversational way, and to reinforce them through constant practice. Our classes are student-centered and our teachers encourage interaction among students on topics relating to their experiences and interests. Moreover, we believe that learning continues outside the classroom, with off-campus after-school activities, and daily homework assignments.

Our methodology is unique and effective, having been developed and refined for almost 90 years. Our English Course in Boston focuses on the core fundamental skills needed to achieve proficiency in English: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

BSML’s curriculum offers 12 English skill levels from beginner to advanced. Each level lasts four weeks and consists of a combination of required core classes and specialized courses, allowing students to integrate their English language studies with their personal interests and individual needs. 

Level Conversion Table 

The table below offers information on BSML levels and how it compares to commonly used language acquisition evaluation frameworks:

bsml english conversion table


BSML offers intensive and semi-intensive English Course in Boston. Students can choose to study 20, 22, 24, 26 or 30 classes per week with classes starting any Monday. 

20 lessons  22 lessons  24 lessons  26 lessons  30 lessons

Classes are kept small with an average of 8 students per class, except during the summer when the average number of student per class is 12. 

Specialized Classes 

As part of the full time program students can take our focus oriented curriculum with specialized classes in General, Academic, Business and Test Preparation courses.

 specialized clases


Learning Guaranteed

Learning Guaranteed

Helping you achieve your English learning goals is our mission, and
we will stand by your side until you do!

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BSML was one of the earliest developers of language teaching
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