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If you are not progressing as expected, Boston School of English will provide you with additional materials, support and class time at no additional cost. You only need to do your part by speaking only English, attending and participating in all your classes, doing your homework, and taking advantage of all the additional resources and opportunities offered to you.

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Low Intermediate Levels

In the low intermediate levels, learners can understand and speak about routine tasks and everyday life, employing frequently used vocabulary in simple, short conversations. They have acquired sufficient command of sentence structure to communicate about their immediate needs and to understand the general idea of written and spoken information, such as announcements and signs. They have a vocabulary of about 700 words.

Beginner Levels

In the beginner levels, learners with little or no previous knowledge of English learn to formulate simple sentences and to communicate with an English speaker who speaks slowly and clearly. Learners acquire the basic grammar and vocabulary to speak in a variety of situations, including giving personal information, talking about work, family, clothing, weather, food, shopping, daily routines, and other everyday topics. They have a vocabulary of about 500 words.

High Intermediate Levels

In the high intermediate levels, the learners are able to interact more comfortably with native speakers and carry on longer conversations and discussions about work, experiences, and viewpoints. Although there may still be gaps in grammar and vocabulary, they can express their ideas and opinions on a variety of topics without obvious difficulty. They have a vocabulary of about 1,600 words.

Advanced levels

In the advanced levels, students have little or no difficulty understanding spoken English in all settings and can use it to achieve all of their language learning goals. They are able to use complex sentence structure, and have sufficient knowledge of idiomatic expressions to make their speech seem natural and effortless to native speakers. They have a vocabulary of about 3,500 words.

Intermediate Levels

In the intermediate levels, learners are able to understand the main points of standard, clearly spoken English. They are able to speak on topics of general interest, such as work, hobbies, future plans, and current events, and to give reasons and explanation for personal opinions and experiences. They are able to interact with native speakers in most situations when traveling to an English-speaking country. They have a vocabulary of about 1,000 words.

Low Advanced Levels

In the low advanced levels, learners have acquired the fluency and grammar accuracy to communicate effectively in academic, work, and social situations. Their speech will begin to include more idiomatic expressions. They can contribute to group discussions on most topics and can understand and summarize films, television programs, and news reports. They have a vocabulary of about 3,000 words.

University Preparation level

In the university preparation level, advanced learners are prepared for entry to an American university. They have acquired the vocabulary and academic skills needed to succeed in university coursework. They are able to read and discuss academic texts, take notes, write reports and essays, and give presentations.

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